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Oscar M. Cardona

"It has changed my way of thinking regarding the development of the subconscious to achieve what I propose."

Luis Fernando Sierra

"It showed me that the potential is in yourself, but we lack a little personal confidence."

Daniel Jose Correa

"I have improved to a very high degree, as I have very specific dates to achieve what I set out to do."

Darian David Montes T.

"I have put into practice what I have learned and it has been a great help to me to improve as a human being."

Valeria Muñoz Zapata

"What I like most is that they are activities aimed at improving people in all aspects." 

Juan Diego Patiño Olaya

"I have learned to be more responsible for myself and to take ownership of my destiny." 

Juan Sebastián Alalrcón H.

"It taught me to put my feet on the ground regarding my vision of life taking into account my present." 

Sebastian Castro

"Through meditation and forgiveness a burden/weight was released from me." 

Manuel Alejandro Quiceno

"I learned that we should not hold others responsible for our actions because everyone is the owner of their own actions." 

José Reinaldo Garzón Mercado

"I am more self-sufficient, independent and autonomous with respect to my academic training."

Juan Sebastián Berrío Holguín

"Mentoring has helped me evaluate myself, to have a space for reflection with me. Realize that progress and evolution start from the smallest."

María Camila Roldán Castillo

"I was struck by the issue of dedicating time to writing my life vision, since this clarified and defined many things in my life with priority and certainty."

José Alejandro Otlora Rincón

"I have improved a lot because now I write and plan everything I want for my life, to be clear about where I am going and what I want."

Jesus Antonio Salas Cardona

"It was interesting to see how there is no excuse that prevents me from doing what I want to learn. By not finding excuses, my level of responsibility and self-confidence improved."

Juan José Idárraga Gutiérrez

"It opened my mind, I can think differently, plan my future in a better way."

Andrés David Agudelo

"It has motivated me to create study habits to encourage self-growth and take ownership of responsibilities."

Juan Carlos Gomez

"With fine listening, Danny is ready to read, understand and interpret your thoughts, words, and habits in search of a cognitive transformation. His knowledge allows him to provide fundamental tools to train your mental capacity, helping you change your perspective from which you have been looking at your problems and thus modify the approach to find solutions that can lead you to live in a greater state of gratitude, responsibility and fulfillment.

Oscar Mauricio Gómez García

"The moments experienced within the “Cognitive Empowerment Seminar” made me see how I am coping with myself and my environment every day, reinforcing my ability to solve problems and a positive way of thinking in the face of adversity.

​It has made me change many ways of thinking and has made me evaluate what my goals are and what is the most sensible way to achieve them, always with the adequate and correct management of my cognitive capacity."

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