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Cognitive empowerment and mentoring

as a vital tool to renew the pedagogical paradigm

First Real Vision 2023 event

This year we begin the seminars-Experiences taught by Visión Real.
On this occasion with theSeminar Intensive Experience of Empowerment and Personal Cognitive Renewal,version 2023: Full, Renewed and Practical Life. tea
We will teach you how to take total and gradual control of your mental, emotional and interpersonal situation, and even financial, eliminating the main disempowering excuses/reproaches/accusations from your subconscious.

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LOGISTICAL DETAILS: Depending on availability, we will offer the seminar experience (with a duration of 5 hours) in person on Saturday, February 18 at Calibrí -La Casa Libre del Rio (Calle 37, #63-58, Barrio Conquistadores, 50 meters from Parques del Rio), from 1:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. With after-event potential for sharing with and between participants and the cognitive mentor. 


In fact, in this Seminar-Experience you will learn to:

a) Know more deeply what your mind really is, and all the multifaceted potential it has to transform your life.

b) Know some of the main practical laws that govern the behavior of your mind and many of your emotions, both the most constructive and the most unique.

c) Identify and effectively eliminate your mental blocks, which are the cause of your personal (real) limitations.

d) Restructure your daily routines so that you are much more effective in your personal, work and family goals.

e) Initially identify and renew your emotional and financial digital footprint to project yourself much more effectively for 2023, and for the rest of your life.

IMPORTANT: If you register before January 30 you will receive a 20% discount.

CLARIFICATION: Is money the main reason you have for not attending? Well, that is the main reason why you should attend.

More information and prices

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