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We are using the most recent and fundamental discoveries concerning the functioning of human cognition to completely renew the way in which both teachers and students. They guide and focus their teaching/learning routines.


We havetwo decades of teaching experience at various levels (example: technical, university and business secondary) and withstrategic allies such as the Software Incubator of the Ministry of Education, Mova (Teacher Innovation Center) and the Pascual Bravo University Institution, which allows us to provide you with a comprehensive and very effective cognitive potentialization service, which will allow you to exponentially expand your reach as a teacher. / instructor teacher.

We invite you with all the freedom to learn very consciously about the high quality pedagogical food (videos, audios and texts) that we have prepared especially for you and if you like it, you can sign up for our private network of“Empowered Teachers” with which you will have access to unique material created for your immediate benefit.

Cognitive empowerment and mentoring

as a vital tool to renew the pedagogical paradigm


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